Do what you love, love what you do.

The best purchases are often made in the comfort of your own bed while casually sporting someone else’s boxers and this morning’s coffee on (maybe) your tshirt.
Waking up to immediately stalk new arrivals from the 12+ online fashion retailers you have bookmarked at the top of your internet browser (in case of emergencies).
You fill your shopping cart with more clothes than you could possibly ever carry in a real store much less provide a home or a hanger for; but you’ve already planned outfits and dates with people you’ll probably meet, maybe on tinder, so naturally no time to reconsider.
You do not pass go, you do give up $200 because you actually need it all. To my budget, sorry I’m only a little sorry.
…or is that just me? Here’s to me and my love for online shopping.

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